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May 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >> it appears of some of been laden had big plans for the united states up until his death. -- osama bin laden had some big plans for the united states up until his death. documents are now on line. the papers tell a story of planned attacks as well as his frustrations of problems within his terrorist networks. jay korff is live with more on tonight's top story. >> west. pored over and analyze tens of thousands of electronic and paper documents. to date they released 17 that painted a portrait of a frustrated osama bin laden. >> there recovered a treasure trove of hard drives and written papers in the al qaeda's leader's compound.
May 14, 2012 5:00pm EDT
policy. he took an oath to be the president of the united states, not the pastor of the united states. >> rev. coates was among those pastors who supported maryland's game marriage law. >> john edwards defense team has wrapped up its first day of calling witnesses to make its case for the former presidential candidate. the team has shifted the focus of the trial to the dry details of campaign expenditures. this comes after weeks of dramatic testimony about edwards extramarital affair and love child with rielle hunter. the defense strategy is to paint edwards as a liar but not a criminal. the famed florida a&m university marching band is being suspended for least another year following the hazing death of a drum major. this comes as the school works to clear the hazing culture. 11 band members face felony charges in the death of robert champion and others face misdemeanor counts. he died after being repeatedly pummeled by band mates in a hazing ritual. >> two days after losing game 7 to the rangers, a big announcement and the capitals' organization. it will affect next season. >> not everyone
May 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
in the united states. mcdonell says more should be allowed, including some right here in virginia. while you are eating lunch down below, law enforcement officials say unmet -- unmanned eyes in the sky are a good way to improve public safety. she likes the idea of increased security. people forgo privacy for all kinds of reasons. >> with all the information people put about themselves of facebook and everyone else, i think it is good. it helps catch the bad guys. >> a kind of crete's me out. >> why? >> unmanned surveillance. it is like in 1984 concept. >> a way to make law enforcement more productive. it cuts down on manpower in the air. more safe. that is why we use it on the battlefield. >> privacy advocates slammed the governor for telling our news partners more drones in the air might be a good idea. they are a cost saving way to do jobs they call too dangerous or too dull for humans. from wildfires to law enforcement to more. >> you can monitor pipelines and power lines with them. you can do environmental research wildlife research. there is a whole host where you can use thi
May 10, 2012 5:00pm EDT
everything they can to find him. >> we believe he could be anywhere in the united states. we are concerned for the safety of the girls. >> his wife is also charged with first-degree murder in this case. she has confessed. the fbi has put up billboards all over the southeast because they believe he has ties to florida and investigators think he might be hiding out there. >> the olympic torch has now been let for this summer's olympics. the torch goes on and 1,800 mile journey before it is delivered to the organizers. the games are scheduled to be held in the london july 22. >> it might be tough to light a torch here today. a little breezy. >> when gusts 40 miles per hour in hagerstown. they will diminish to nine and it will get chilly. -- diminished tonight and it will get chilly. let's give you a look at the time lapse camera in arlington. in the clouds popping in and out of the frames here. some fairweather cloudiness. the clouds are diminishing. it it will be clear tonight. 60 degrees in gaithersburg. at the winds are pretty strong. definitely a breeze to contend with. in leesb
May 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
the united states navy memorial, pamela brown abc news. >> a coastal expert has released his list of best beaches and in america. topping the list, coronado beach in san diego. st. george island. you can see the whole list that >> some people by the most expensive sunscreen thinking it is more effective. consumer reports says that is not necessarily true. the key is to pick one with i spf of 30. you need to reapply it every few hours if you are swimming. avoid using spray on sunscreen on children anke babies under six months old out of the sun altogether. >> you will need sunscreen this weekend. it will be very intense. even cloudy, you can still burned through that. let's look at the radar. a couple of showers and downpours on the eastern shore. people travel already over the beach, heading out to florida that will run into one outside of denton. that is where shower activity will remain. rain will not be a story for the next few days. this is a time lapse from ocean city. it has cleared out late afternoon. mostly sunny beach weekend. highs in the 70's. a little warmer to
May 24, 2012 5:00pm EDT
racial tensions have been part of the growing pains of the united states throughout its history. he had made statements referring to the cleanliness of asian on restaurants in the city and the high number of filipino nurses in the community. >> we are done being polite. we will extend respect and work hard to ensure that we are moving forward together in unity. >> he says he will now have an ongoing relationship and dialogue with asian leaders throughout the city. at this point, he hopes to put all of this behind him. >> tell us what you think of marion barry's latest gaffe on our website. >> a member of gray's campaign team has pled guilty to lying to the fbi about payments to suleman brown the campaign treasurer pleaded guilty on tuesday to destroying evidence of payments. we'll have more on the story coming up at 6:00. >> a man and his two teenage sons died in a farming accident in kent county, maryland. they fell into a huge manure plant in kennedyville. >> it all happened on the sprawling farm back here just on the other side of those red barns with the silver medal ruth's back the
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6